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iputtheassin-class sent: Was that land rover disco yours? I'm thinking about buying a 2004 but people keep telling me yes and nos so I wanna see what someone who actually has it thinks. Is it a good car?

Well, mileage around town… is maybe 12mpg. You can only use premium fuel 91 octane+ and each year it costs $500-$700 to maintain between breakdowns and maintenance… if you’re buying one with less than 70,000 miles you’re probably ok.. (ours has 160,000 miles) parts are expensive and hard to find, depending on your area if you’re not working on it yourself mechanics that will touch them are few and far between. 

as far as drive ability, you’re not going to find a more comfortable car, all the features are great, heated seats good climate control, enough power to tow.. well anything really, aluminum bodys so they will always look good even in rust stricken areas. But I don’t think these cars or “trucks” were really meant to be driven past 120,000 miles, reflecting the lifestyle of maybe the type of people that could afford the new price of the car, and the mileage.

have any other Ideas of a car you would want to buy? throw it out there and I’ll probably have a decent Idea, I myself work at an auto parts store and sell parts for most every car so at least I would have an Idea of what you were looking at.

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Dinner Pic. :)
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lovenotatfirstbutatlastsight-de sent: Your photography is brilliant.

thank you :)

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Zippo Pipe lighter.
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